BIOKET Digital Edition 30.6.-2.7.2020 - 3 days of webinars and virtual B2B

BIOKET Digital Edition 30.6.-2.7.2020 - 3 days of webinars and virtual B2B

Update on knowledge and meet new international partners in virtual b2b meetings organised by the Enterprise Europe Network! 
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Biomass is a wonderful resource to be transformed into chemicals, biobased materials, food and feed ingredients or energy. Still, adaptation and optimization of transformation processes and technologies is a real challenge in order to valorize all biomass fraction in a circular approach. Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) provide the basis for innovation in a range of products across all industrial sectors. They underpin the shift to a greener economy, are instrumental in modernizing industrial base, and drive the development of entirely new industries. BIOKET, the BIOeconomy’s Key Enabling Technologies conference aims to contribute to the rise of KETs by promotion emerging KETs applied in the Bioeconomy’s sector.

Who will attend?
Biobased products producers, first and second transformation actors, chemical companies, biotech companies, feedstocks suppliers, engineering companies, equipment manufacturers, R&D centers, technical centers, universities.

Meet your would-be partner online
Up-to 15 hours of networking planned over three days. Schedule your appointments at your preferred timing during the dedicated B2B slots. 
You can schedule up to 3 appointments of 20 minutes per hour. 

How does it work?
1 - Register for BIOKET*
2 -  Beginning of June, complete your online profile through the link that will be sent to you. 
3 - Mid-June, check profils of registered participants to the virtual B2B and start your meeting appointments. 
4 - D-Days : click on Meet to start your scheduled meetings! 

More information and registrations until 28 June. Registration prices 120-360€.

BIOKET Digital Edition is  followed by BIOKET onsite event 16-18 March 2021, Lille,  France.


Enterprise Europe Network France

Ohjelma  Lataa ohjelma (PDF)


Please see the agenda on the event webpage


Maija Kärkäs

09 2286 0301


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