Certified Advisory Board (CAB)

The Certified Advisory Board online course covers the purpose, implementation, and utilization of the Advisory Board. In the online course, you will have access to the Advisory Board operating model conceptualized by InHunt Boards. This model will allow you to build your own Advisory Board and/or act as an Advisor.

To become a Certified Advisory Board (CAB) member, in addition to passing the online course, you must also participate in in-person lectures. After certification, you will join the public Certified Advisory Board membership register if you wish.

Advisory Board

  • A group of people outside the company who have been invited to give advice on a specific topic/issue/situation.
  • The team provides strategic advice to the management and/or board of the company or organization without obligation. It takes a stand, ideas, innovates or utilizes networks, etc.
  • The Advisory Board has no decision-making power or responsibility

The online course includes reading material, videos, and assignments. The assignments are practical questions where you will design either an imaginary or genuine Advisory Board. By answering each question carefully and genuinely, you will learn in practice what it means to set up an Advisory Board. The course will guide you through the planning and setting up step by step.

Course credentials are valid for 6 months.

Course structure

  • Introduction
  • Initiation of the Advisory Board Maintenance and quality management
  • Effective Advisory Board member Communication
  • In conclusion

    Certified Advisory Board (CAB)

    Certified Advisory Board (CAB)
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